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Have you got your picture taken at one of our locations where we were around? Select your location below and start searching for your party picture!

The memories of today,
captured for life!

In todays busy and digital era we take many pictures and never look at them again. With WiPics you can give your visitors a memory for life!

Give your Visitors More.

Personal Photo Memory

What is more important than happy faces of you visitors? Nothing right? So why don't give them something special? Something that keeps them reminded of this special day, a photo!

Full Automatic System.

Powerful Performance

With WiPics you decide how you would serve your needs. Do you want to sell photos at your location? Do you want them automatically uploaded to a personal website? Everything is possible!

Increase your Income.

Proven Cash Flow

For many years now, WiPics has proven to make income. With a small investment, you can start increasing your cash flow within days. How this is possible? Let us do the work!s

How wipics works

At which locations can we operate?

Wipics is able to work in every location even in the ice cold. There is no place we can't implement it, in what place would you like to realize it?!

Bars & Pubs

Music events & Festivals

Weddings & Parties

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History sights & Museums

Amusement parks

Game Arcades

More than 1000+ photos taken today. Are you in?